Alluvia Restaurant is located to the right of the main stage in the Main Room and serves food from 3:00pm-1:45am

Our fine dining menu is available for guests at Alluvia Restaurant, at your table on the main floor, or at any of our bars. If you prefer, we’ll be happy to deliver your meal to the Executive Room or to any of our VIP areas. Just ask your server for a menu. We add breakfast choices to our menu every night after 11 p.m.

At Alluvia Restaurant, we prioritize your dining experience, ensuring it’s as convenient as it is exceptional. Whether you’re basking in the lively atmosphere of the main room or relishing the exclusivity of our VIP areas, our gourmet delights are always within your reach.

Our attentive staff is ready to serve your chosen delicacies wherever you’re comfortable, from the intimate spaces of the Executive Room to the energized environment of our bars. As the night deepens, explore our expanded menu with delectable breakfast choices available after 11 p.m., making your night-time indulgence complete.

Chef’s Table

The luxurious Chef’s Table offers a unique private dining experience for up to 6 guests. Chef’s Table guests are seated at a custom designed marble table, with the option of full privacy or a view of Cheetah’s Main Room.

Quick Bites

Ask to see our Quick Bites menu. Wings, sliders, queso dip, quick sandwiches, and more!


If you are seated at any of our bars or on the main floor of The Cheetah, ask to see our lunch, dinner, or Quick Bites menu. Our servers will be happy to accommodate your dining requests throughout The Cheetah.